About Us

Erected on Shabnam’s unwavering belief that ‘design is for everyone’

Peacock Life by Shabnam Gupta celebrates the inclusive nature of design through beautiful décor and furniture pieces.

The journey

The idea that design is for designers, art is for artists and craft is just for craftsman is an aging misconception. For those who love the simplicity of design, the allure of creating something new and the breath of fresh air that comes with it…is the inception of internal madness.

We are at a generation where design is more widely accepted, extensively researched upon, and ever evolving. No one is judged, no one is right, and no one is wrong.

And time waits for no one. While the world moves on wide eyed with the glitz and glamour, there are moments where tradition and heritage get left behind or sometimes even forgotten. Being rooted to the core value yet somehow keeping up with the arising trends is a tricky aspect but not impossible.

Our founder, Shabnam Gupta’s principals have always been very simple.

Transcending the boundaries of conventional design and keeping deep rooted values intact was of core importance. Shabnam being brought up with the same values and principles in life was bound to carry forward the legacy to her passion. While travelling the globe, curating spaces for different personalities, she never lost track of home. Backed up with rich heritage and culture. Shabnam decided to take a leap of faith and expand her horizon.

She strongly believed that design is for everyone. She bridged the gap between both worlds by creating Peacock Life.

Unexpected moments often lead to unseen happiness. Peacock life is one such moment that strongly fuses Indian aspects with its individualistic characteristics, either through materials, art, craftsmanship, or even design. A stunning collection of decor, handcrafted timeless pieces, rich colours and bold furniture’s now speak her language at Peacock Life.