About Us

Erected on Shabnam's unwavering belief that 'design is for everyone: Peacock Life by Shabnam Gupta celebrates the inclusive nature of design through beautiful decor pieces.

The journey

The design and craft of every handpicked, up cycled or handcrafted piece at Peacock Life fuses Indian aspects with its individualistic recycled character, either through material or colour or by giving new life to defunct objects making them statement pieces.

Whether it is adding pops of colour to a blank wall, or installing a hand-painted panel with a touch of whimsy or a bright piece of decor against the monochrome, a vintage oak coffee table in the midst of a chic conference room, retro instruments in modern dens and contemporary colours in a rustic palette, Peacock Life converts a space, from a blank canvas into a piece of art.

As unexpected design often leads
to unseen happiness.