October is right after monsoons and before winter, so it tends to be extremely hot and uncomfortable. Here are some tips to combat rising temperatures to make sure that your home is always inviting even when outside temperature is on the rise!

  1. Go Green

Plant more green and flowering plants in your balconies. Plants will restrict most of the sun rays and heat coming from outside. Also, it will fill your interiors with freshness. Also decorating your bathrooms with fresh flowers and scented candles will refreshing energy.

  1. White is Always Right

Go for white furnishings like white sofa, pillow covers, bed-sheets. White is the best color that will perfectly cool down the temperature, so to prevent your interiors from absorbing the October heat.

  1. Go Blue, go breezy hue

If white is difficult to maintain, go for pale blue and neutral hues that will give a relaxed feel to your interior as blue is the colour cool. A patterned blue furniture can also be an interesting addition to the gray walls in the living room.

  1. Get rid of synthetics

Focus on light colors blinds and window shades in cotton or other natural materials so they reflect the heat rather than attract it

  1. Tinted Windows

Apply a window tint which can reduce UV rays, and minimize heat and conserve the energy consumption of your ACs

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